Augerpros Plumbing wins Angie's List provider of the year
Augerpros Plumbing wins Angie's List provider of the year

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Gas Line
Gas Line

Need Gas Line Services In Frisco? Never postpone gas line repairs. Always call a professional plumber so that they may obtain a proper City of Frisco plumbing permit. You should never attempt to repair a gas line yourself, and in emergencies, it is imperative you call 911 if you suspect a gas leak. Thankfully, as a safety precaution, a sulfur-like odor is added to natural gas to help people identify gas leaks( gas on its own- has no smell without it). If you smell this odor in an emergency situation, leave your house or building and call 911 immediately. When the emergency is over, Auger Pros Plumbing can repair the damage and get your gas turned back on. We fit in gas line service calls asap as we consider them to be emergencies. Our technicians are top-rated plumbing experts that can get the permits and inspections to get your Frisco gas line service turned back on quickly!

One of the most wanted but dangerous elements of a plumbing system in any home or business is natural gas. Gas makes our daily lives comfortable, but if it is improperly installed, it can be a dangerous thing, causing costly damages, or even death. Gas systems help us to have hot water by keeping the water in our water heaters hot, in homes that run gas, the stoves, fireplaces, even dryers can run on gas. Barbecue and fire pits in the yard also commonly use gas.

Call Augerpros Pumbing Immediately If You Suspect a Gas Leak- They can be Very Dangerous!.

A new gas line is considerably more than just throwing in some piping and job done. A new gas line has to be carefully designed, installed, and inspected for quality assurance and reliable function. We pull permits according to law with the city of Frisco, making sure all code requirements are up to date for your safety, and then the city inspects the gas system.

What are Some Common Gas System Services in Frisco?

Gas leaks are one of the most common problems with gas systems in Frisco. Many times, home and business owners don’t even realize they have a gas leak until the city of Frisco turns the gas off. Once this happens, a Texas licensed plumber must pull a permit with the city, and then test the gas line and find the source of the leak(s). Once the issue is found, the plumber will then repair the leak. The plumber will then assess the whole system, per law, to find any code issues within the gas system. If any problems are found, they must be brought up to code. Once this is done, and the plumber is satisfied the system is up to code and not leaking, the city will be called out for an inspection. If they are satisfied, they will give a green tag and the gas company can then be called to turn the gas back on. This can be a couple of days without gas, so if you suspect you have a gas leak, call us immediately and let us get your system back up to par.

Gas line installation:  When you have a new gas appliance, water heater, or outdoor fire pit, hiring a licensed plumber is the best way to go. This will ensure the system is secure and safe and installed per safety guidelines and state code. We use the best materials for the gas line installation making sure the necessary sizing is implemented so the rest of your home or business is not affected and then we ensure the system is inspected by the city.
Gas line augmentation:  When adding a gas run item to your system, it may be necessary to update the entire line. One common instance of this is converting from a tank water heater to a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters take a great deal of gas, and it may be that the amount of gas needed will require a larger gas line, so the rest of your system is not affected.

Gas Line
Gas Line Repair

Be on the lookout for any of these Common Signs of a Gas Line Leak:

Plants and Landscaping Dying: Natural gas escaping a line can kill vegetation within a single day, making it a good sign to watch for!

Sulfer Smell like Rotten Eggs:  Though natural gas has no odor of its own, the companies that supply it add a chemical called mercaptan to gas to aid in detecting leaks. The chemical is responsible for the sulfur/egg odor.

Hissing noises:  Noticing a hissing sound in your home that sounds like a snake with no obvious source? Immediately check your gas lines! If you spot an issue, it’s wise to shut off your gas and call for repair ASAP.

We care about the safety of our clients and any of the above complications if left unattended can pose a very real and serious risk.

We are your source for gas service repair and installations in Frisco Texas

Gas systems are best left to the pros. Our plumbers are licensed and insured and know exactly what needs to be done for a safe gas system in your home. If you are in need of gas line services in Frisco -we take great care to ensure our customer’s safety and our pricing is very fair, so give us a call today! 214-206-6580

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Need Gas Line Services In Frisco? Never postpone gas line repairs. If you are in need of gas line services in Frisco -we take great care to ensure our customer's safety and our pricing is very fair, so give us a call today!