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Slab Leak Services Lucas

Slab Leak
Slab Leak

One of the biggest problems facing home and business owners in Lucas Texas are slab leaks. A water or sewer leak under a slab foundation of a residence or commercial building can cost thousands of dollars in damages, and many times do not give any signs of being there until a lot of damage has taken place. Being proactive can help a business or homeowner save a lot of money on repairs and damages. Some of the signs to watch for to determine if you have a slab leak include:

  • Cracks in the wall or floors of your home or business If you notice cracks appearing in the walls, floors, or even ceilings of your home or business, you should have a slab leak test performed, to see whether or not you have a leak under your slab. This does not always mean you do, but it is a sign of a slab leak.
  • Hot spots on floor If you notice a warm or hot spot on your floor, there is something generating that heat, and it is usually hot water. There should not be hot water under your slab, unless you have a radiant heating system, which is not common in Texas. This is a time to immediately go to the next steps of testing for a slab leak.
  • Water appearing If you notice water appearing where it should not, at the base of your walls, outside coming out of the foundation, or anywhere on your floor that has no explanation, this could be a leak under your slab foundation.
  • Nasty smell in your home While this can be caused by many things, if you rule out everything else you can think of, you may have a sewer slab leak. These are hard to determine, as there is not the water pressure constantly on your sewer lines, as it is on water lines. We perform what is called a Static Test, where we fill the sewer system with water, and test for leakage.
  • High water bills suddenly If you notice a large increase in your water bill suddenly, you may have a leak, and if you cannot find it above slab, then it could be under your slab foundation. An easy way to test for this, is to shut off every faucet inside and outside of your home or business, go to your water meter, and shut it off completely. Mark the spot where the needle is with a marker, and wait for 15 minutes. If there is no change, then there should not be a significant leak. If it does move, there is a leak somewhere, and if you cannot find it, it’s probably under your slab.

Slab Leak Prevention in Lucas Texas

There are some steps that can be taken by home or business owners in Lucas, including:

  • Soaker Hoses Many business owners and residents will use soaker hoses to help maintain healthy soil around and under their homes.
  • Scheduled testing For sewer systems, a sewer video, and static test performed annually can help catch a sewer slab leak before it gets out of hand. For water systems, performing a meter test annually can help catch water slab leaks before the damage gets too bad.

Slab Leak Plumber Near Me in Lucas Texas

Types of Slab Leaks

There are a couple of different kinds of slab leaks that can cause problems in your home:

Water Line Slab Leak

With a water line slab leak, the water lines feeding your faucets in your home has a leak, either a pinhole in the copper line or where the home has settled enough to bend and break the water line under the slab or in the manifold. Larger breaks are generally easy to detect, smaller pinholes not so much. Locating these leaks by an untrained person can be tricky, as the sound can be deceptive.

Sewer Line Slab Leak

With a sewer line slab leak, the sewer and/or drain lines under your home can have breaks, or again, if the home is settling and shifting, they could have broken or come apart under a toilet, sink, or beam. These are generally not detected for years until the home begins to be affected by the raw sewage leaking, and the smell becomes apparent. Auger Pros Plumbing can perform a “Static Test” on your drains to see if you have an ongoing sewer slab leak in Lucas.

Some Typical Repair Methods

There are numerous ways that we perform slab leak repairs, as there are quite a few different scenarios possible. We have to consider the slab itself, is the leak in a beam? Is it in a manifold? Here are a few common scenarios:

Hot water slab leak in a beam

When we locate a water leak in a beam, the best plan of action is a re-route around the beam. This entails cutting the waterline on each side of the beam and running a new line around the beam.

Cast iron sewer slab leak

These are pretty common, as sewer lines used to be made of cast iron, but after so many years, many of these are failing, and at times we can replace a section, other times, we replace the entire line. A good video inspection by our slab leak specialists can determine what your need is.

Leak in a manifold

Manifolds are where a line comes up out of the slab, in a wall, and branch off into several other lines to go throughout the bathroom, kitchen, etc. The leak is usually in the beam coming up from under the slab, and can be very tricky to repair. Many times we will reroute the line around the beam, preserving as much of the beam as possible.

Call Auger Pros Plumbing right away if you think your home is being affected by a slab leak in Lucas Texas. We will diagnose, and if necessary locate and give you an upfront quote on a foundation leak repair before it’s too late. 214-206-6580.

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Call Auger Pros Plumbing right away if you think your home is being affected by a slab leak in Lucas Texas. We will diagnose, and if necessary locate and give you an upfront quote on a foundation leak repair before it's too late. 214-206-6580.