Augerpros Plumbing wins Angie's List provider of the year
Augerpros Plumbing wins Angie's List provider of the year

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Water Heater Services The Colony

Water Heaters
Water Heaters

Water Heater Installation and Repair Service in The Colony

Needing water heater installation or repair service in The Colony? At Augerpros Plumbing, we offer top quality products and professional water heater installation and Repair in The Colony and Greater Dallas area. One of the most important elements of a home or business is hot water. When your water heater goes out, suddenly everything comes to a screeching halt. No hot showers, no hot water for dishes, baths or washing your hands. You generally cannot wait to get the water heater fixed. We are here to help!

Our licensed plumbers in The Colony have years of experience assessing problems with electric and gas water heaters, and making repairs if possible. Sometimes a new installation is required, and we offer complete water heater and boiler installation on tank and tankless water heaters, running on gas or electric. We pull permits with the City of The Colony, making sure all code requirements are up to date for your safety, and then send the city inspectors to sign off on the job quality.

What are some common water heater issues in The Colony?

  • No hot water : One of the easiest signs of a water heater going out is not getting hot water throughout the house or business. If you are suddenly not getting hot water to any of your outlets, there is an issue that needs to be resolved.
  • Water not getting as hot as it used to: If you begin to notice the water not really getting as hot as it used to, and maybe not as much volume of hot water at a time, chances are, your water heater is on it’s way out. You may have dip tube issues, sediment issues, or it might just be time to replace the water heater. We can take a look, and give you a good assessment!
  • Popping noises: Something that is somewhat common is popping noises in a water heater when it’s heating. This is sediment in the tank and can be leading to a larger issue down the road. We can flush the tank and inspect to see if it’s ok to leave, or if too much damage has been done and it needs to be replaced.
  • Water visible on or around water heater:  If you are noticing moisture or water around the pipes going into the water heater, on the top or around the bottom of the water heater, it’s important to give us a call right away. This means there is a leak, however small in the tank, and it is not safe to leave it as is.
  • Improper ventilation:  Gas water heaters require specific ventilation, and without it, carbon monoxide can build up quickly in your home. State code requirements are clear about proper ventilation, and if you do not think you have it, give us a call, we would be happy to come out and look.
  • T&P lines:  T&P (temperature and pressure) lines are a safety mechanism on the water heater, to safeguard against the water heater exploding if it gets too hot or under to much pressure. They are made to release at a certain temperature, and if they are not working properly, your water heater could potentially explode, or flood your home. If you happen to see water coming out of the T&P pipe on the side of your house, it is not properly functioning and needs to be replaced immediately.

When Should My Water Heater Be Replaced?

  • They need frequent repairs
  • Your energy bills are increasing
  • They are more than 10 years old
  • The size is either too large or small to meet your current needs
  • They stop working completely

Tank to Tankless Water Heater Conversion

Tank to Tankless Water Heater Conversion
Tank to Tankless Water Heater Conversion

The more people learn about tankless water heater systems, and the benefits, the more we get requests for tank to tankless water heater conversion. Some of the benefits of tankless water heaters include:

  • Endless hot water
  • Not having to keep a large tank of water hot 24 hours a day
  • Less chance of flooding your home with a tank that suddenly springs a leak
  • Cheaper to keep up over time
  • Paired with a recirculating pump, on-demand non-stop hot water immediately

The process of converting from a tank water heater to tankless varies in difficulty and price. For a gas tankless water heater, your gas system will have to be measured to ensure it will support the tankless system. One of our tankless water heater experts can give you more details on site with a FREE ESTIMATE.

Water Heater Plumber Near Me in The Colony

Water heaters are best left to the pros. Our plumbers are licensed and insured and know exactly what needs to be done to install a safe water heater in your Plano home. We take great consideration in ensuring our customer’s safety and budget, so call Augerpros Plumbing, your number one source for water heater repairs and services in The Colony today! 214-206-6580

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Needing water heater installation or repair in The Colony? At Augerpros Plumbing, we offer top quality products and professional water heater installation and Repair in The Colony and Greater Dallas area.