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Augerpros Plumbing wins Angie's List provider of the year

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Hot water slab leak repair in Dallas

Texas is well known by home and business owners for having slab leak issues, which simply put, is leaks in the plumbing under a slab foundation. The soil has tendency to shift, due to hot dry weather and then heavy rains, especially here in Allen. When this happens, the home will move, and it doesn’t take much to kink a copper water line, or shift a sewer line, so that it backs up, or separates completely.

The water lines usually give themselves away quicker, the water has to go somewhere, and it will eventually make its way to outside the foundation, or up through the floor, in a wall or something. Locating the water leak is not always easy. We carry high end locate equipment, and have a lot of experience with locating water leaks under slab foundations.

Sewer slab leaks are not always as cut and dry. They can take a very long time to notice, yet can continue to leak raw sewage under your home, causing it to shift even more. In a case like this, the damage can become quite intensive, as it may be years before it’s noticed. Raw sewage smell, sewers backing up, but not in the yard can be a couple of tell tale signs, along with cracks in the walls or floors.

If you notice these signs, it’s important to have a licensed plumber with experience in slab leaks come out and test for it. It can save you thousands of dollars in potential damages down the line.

How do I know if I have a slab leak?

  • Water Slab Leak Basic testing for a water slab leak is fairly simple. Turn off the water in your home, inside and out, make sure there isn’t a drip anywhere. Go to your water meter, and watch it. If it moves at all, there is a leak somewhere, and if you are not seeing it from a faucet, or sprinkler system, then chances are, it’s hidden in a wall, or under the slab. This is a rough test, but can give you an idea if you should pursue it further. We do a much more in-depth testing process, which can involve shutting off your sprinkler system, and possibly changing out fixtures, toilet parts, etc. if leaks are coming from them.
  • Sewer Slab Leak Testing for a sewer slab leak is a little more involved. We perform what is called a static test. We require clean outs in the front yard, if there are none, we will need to install them first. We then pull a toilet inside the home, and fill the sewer line with water. We mark it and let it sit for quite a while. If it drops, we know there is a leak on that line and can then pursue it further, by running our sewer camera down the line to see where the issue is.

When should I consider doing a slab leak test?

There are a few instances where a slab leak test is beneficial to you and others:

  • Purchasing or selling a home or business If you are purchasing or selling your home or business, it’s a very good idea to get your water and sewer lines tested for slab leaks. If you are buying the property, it will give you peace of mind going into the purchase that you don’t have that large issue to contend with. If you are selling your home, the results of a slab leak free building can offer confidence to the buyer that the property is not being damaged by a slab leak.
  • Noticing obvious signs of a slab leak Noticing doors not shutting any more, cracks in the walls, in the tile floors, hot spots on the floor, water coming out of the foundation, sewer smell constantly are signs that you should have the tests done.
  • Foundation repair being done If you are having foundation work done, generally it’s a requirement to have a slab leak test done on the water and sewer lines, but if it’s not, you should still have them done. Moving a foundation, even a little can wreak havoc on your plumbing under the slab.

Do you have more questions?

We are happy to answer whatever questions we can for you on the phone, and then set up a free estimate for your slab leak services. We believe not only quality services are key, but also quality education for our customers.