Augerpros Plumbing wins Angie's List provider of the year
Augerpros Plumbing wins Angie's List provider of the year

Shower Drain Blockage Services Allen

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Clogged Shower Drain Stoppage Specialists in Allen Texas

There is nothing like standing in a shower and having the sewage back up into the floor, covering your feet. This is what happens when your shower drain line gets blocked up. With the amount of soaps, shampoo, conditioners, it’s easy for the line to get stopped up, and once it does, it is no easy feat to unclog the shower drain. You have to run through the p-trap to access the blockage in most cases, so it’s not as easy as just plunging it.
Our team of shower drain blockage experts are trained to locate the blockage and unstop it, allowing you to shower without your feet being covered in raw sewage by the time you are done, and that smell will be gone.

If you are having issues with your shower drain such as:

  • Shower drain making noise when you are taking a shower, like filling with liquid
  • Shower drain overflowing when water is let out, leaving black nasty film on the shower floor
  • Bad odor continually coming from drain

then give us a call. We will send out an experienced licensed sewer and drain technician that will take care of your issue in a jiffy!