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If you live in the Dallas area, chances are you suffer from hard water, and the scaling that comes with it. White crusty calcium deposits on fixtures don’t only look bad, they are very destructive. They build up in side your pipes, faucets, and even your water heater and wreak havoc.

Water heater stop burst from calcium build up in Lucas Texas

Water Heater Burst

One of the worst parts of this process is the water heater. As the calcium builds up, it gets harder and harder for the tank to keep water hot, as it has to get through the build up to heat the water. Also, the angle stops that allow you to shut the water heater off in case of emergency can get built up, and actually burst, causing very dangerous situations.

Water Scale Solution

Water De-Scaler installation

Flow Tech De-Scaler

A solution to this harsh damaging problem, is a proven de-scaler from Flow Tech. Their technology uses frequencies that travel from your water heater up through all of you water lines, to not only stop this process going forward, but also to remove calcium build up that is already there.

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